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Reshma R. Tolani, Esq.

Reshma is an accomplished professional with 10+ years’ experience in Legal Practice, including legal positions at law firms and public interest law practice, Human Resources, Regulatory Compliance, Education Management, and Business Management.

She is an active member of the District of Columbia Bar and a pro bono honors graduate of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, with an undergraduate degree in Business (emphasis on International Finance & Marketing) from the University of Southern California. Fight On!

In her areas of Legal Practice, Reshma is a humble but ambitious, razor-sharp legal professional with a keen business sense and the willingness to zealously pursue novel and outside-the-box legal theories. She is committed to advocating for immigrants’ rights and taxation issues. She has had over 10 years combined experience in law firms and public interest law practice, including immigration representation, tax dispute resolution, social security disability appeals, corporate compliance and regulatory filings/disclosures to the SEC, asset protection and estate planning, labor/employment issues, and education advocacy.

She brings to the table, strong case management, legal research and writing skills. She has the ability to communicate simply, but intelligently. She is experienced in collaborating with cross-functional teams to accomplish multiple assignments and deliverables on an ongoing basis. She enjoys working in joint ventures and alliances where there is close team work and cooperation. She has a passion for technology, knack for problem solving and answering tough questions. She is a creative, strategic, and analytical thinker, with the flexibility necessary for success in a frequently changing environment. She is dedicated, focused, and driven.

She enjoys working with problems involving numerical data, and using logic to solve tough problems. She may be called a complex thinker with the ability to understand complex analytical subjects. She enjoys investigating how and why things work and is generally good at separating the root cause of the problem.

On a personal level, she gets her energy from being around outgoing people and has been described as having a charismatic personality. She is able to easily see the other person’s point of view and can sense the emotional needs of people around her.

Attorneys and clients have praised her communication skills, due-diligence and ability to function with little direction. Additionally, Reshma’s project initiation, strong team collaboration, and eagerness to learn are her key professional strengths. She is confident and capable, resourceful, dependable, and empathetic. She is ready to adapt to known and unknown challenges.


Her notable strengths include:

New Business Development
Relationship Management
Conflict Resolution
Compliance Management
Policy/Process Design
Project/Deadline Management
Sound/Practical Business Judgment
Excellent Communication Skills