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Human Resources Management

In the area of Human Resources, Reshma is an accomplished manager with experience in labor/employment law, and human resources management, including employee relations management, consensus building/team management, performance optimization, training/development, and benefits administration. With her knowledge of legal processes and terminology, along with her exceptional analytical skills, she can effectively perform H.R. audits to ensure compliance with various statutory and industry standards incl.: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Occupational Safety and Health Admin. (OSHA), EEOC, ADA & Affirmative Action; ERISA, COBRA & HIPAA compliance. She is experienced with unemployment insurance appeals and wage and hour hearings, and is also able to perform unemployment administration tasks to ensure compliance with all pertinent laws. She is skilled at developing/implementing H.R. policies to improve organizational performance, recruiting expert staff, and enhancing employee satisfaction/retention. She is able to provide instructor-led training on harassment, discrimination & diversity awareness policies. Utilizing strong interpersonal skills, Reshma is able to guide management on H.R. policies, programs, best practices, and compliance/regulatory issues as needed, and to work cohesively with internal and external clients, to achieve profitability improvement.